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Little hands make


Tattoo done by Alex Garcia.


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Kiki by 36


Too Big to (NOT) Fail

Victo Ngai

Latest cover for CIO Europe for an article about companies that are too big to be nimble, and are unable to react fast. My idea is that the big horse is being confined by the page while the small ones are free to leap from page to page. I wanted to try out a simpler graphic approach on this one and it has been really fun!

 Big thanks to AD SooJin who always encourages new endeavors and amazing to work with! 


Done by Jayme Goodwin. (in progress)



I believe fine art collection shouldn’t be a privilege to a few, but something everyone could enjoy 🌸 so I decide to sell a series of beautiful original watercolor arts with starting price @ $65 at APE this up-coming weekend. Find me at table 101 😊 #alinachau #watercolor #fineart #painting #comiccon #APE #homedecoration #childrenroom


Come On Dad, Let’s Play

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some tiny nudis

(sources: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)

Wow! It’s often difficult to remember how tiny so many nudibranches are!

Some of Edward Gorey's bookporn illustrations.



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I love stuff

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